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For as far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed designing and building. Whether it was a Meccano set or Lego, my passion for creating something tangible and presentable, was always in my blood.


It was therefore, a natural transition for me to further my studies within the Construction field. My first job offered me the chance to train as a Site Agent/Foreman, and from there my passion for Architecture evolved into a burning ambition to follow this path. Laying pen to paper and seeing those drawings eventually become a tangible reality was where I saw my career heading. 

Lenn Victor (C.P.I.)

About Us

Over the years, I expanded my knowledge and trainng within the Architecture and Construction industries by working in roles which woud allow my professional growth. I have worked as a Building Inspector and Plan Scrutiniser for a local Town Council, as well as an Architectural Technologist for an Architectural Practice. 


One of my biggest achievements while working as an Architectural Technologist, was to carry out the architectural work for the Mohale Dam Township in Lesotho, one of the phases under the behemoth Lesotho Highlands Water Project, a project that would take me a solid eight months to generate just under 300 A1 drawing sheets. During this period, I designed a new home for my family and felt energised to put my professional training to use in a very personal way.


After a few years within Architecture, I felt that I needed a change of direction as a fresh challenge, and diversified into working within the Motor Industry. Throughout my time there I have always stayed abreast of progress within the architectural field and in my spare time, I enjoyed teaching myself about the various new CAD programmes being utilised within the Architecture industry, as well as keeping in touch with the latest trends in construction.


Feeling the call from Architecture once again, I have now started my own design consultancy with the view to providing home design services across a wide range of projects and spectrums.


While developing and expanding the design consultancy part of my business, the realization of not just design and consultancy, but for property inspection and the quality and standard of property being invested in, has come to the fore. Realizing, that many people investing in property, are not sure of what the condition(s) are of the property they intend investing in, I have acquired a Home Inspection Franchise. This will be broadening my field of expertise, and at the same time offer an additional service to you, the client. Thus offering you a genuine 'One Stop Shop' experience.


I am passionate about what I do and I pride myself in what I have to offer and would love the opportunity to help your visions of your home into reality.