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Lenn Victor, Owner and Managing Director of Home Design Emporium (Pty) Ltd, has recently formed HDE Consultancy (Pty) Ltd, t/a Home Inspection Services West Rand, and is owner and Managing Director of this Company as well. The second Company was formed and is being run as an unbiased, independent Organization from Home Design Emporium. Although both Companies are similar in nature, as they are directly involved in property, their functions and duties towards the consumer, is completely different.  Home Inspection Services West Rand will be covering both Roodepoort and Krugersdorp Municipal Districts, as well as surrounding areas. 


Being a "Member In Good Standing of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors", Membership Number NACHI 20110224, allows Lenn and his new Company to assist and guide Property Owners or prospective Property Owners, in the quality of property they are intending to invest in, or are in possession of, via a detailed Property Inspection written report.


Property Owners, who wish to have their existing property inspected for potential defects or problems, or wish to sell their property, or wish to rent out their property can now receive a thorough inspection, with a detailed written report, accompanied by supporting photos. This inspection exposes any defects detected during the inspection, and allows the existing Property Owner to remedy such defects, or negotiate with the other party over these defects.


Potential Property Owners or Tenants, who wish to have a property inspected for potential defects or problems, before renting such property, or wishing to purchase a property, can now receive a thorough inspection, with a detailed written report, accompanied by supporting photos, prior to concluding of the transaction. These exposed potential defects detected during the inspection, allows the tenant or potential buyer from discussing these potential defects with the existing Property Owner, and how resolving or remedy of such defects will occur.




Having a property inspection done by a Certified Property Inspector, holds many benefits for both the Seller, Buyer or Tenant. On too many occassions in the past, these aforementioned transactions have been accompanied by ill feelings, dispise and even litigations that are unpleasant, once the Tenant or New Owner has occupied the property, and the defects come to the fore.


By having a Detailed Property Inspection done, which is supported by a detailed written report accompanied with photos, these scenarios can be avoided, due to the fact that all Parties are informed in writing of what potential defects are present at the time of the final agreement, and how these potential defects will be resolved or accommodated in the new agreement. 


Money spent on having an Inspection done prior to conclusion of the transaction, is not always budgeted for. But the cost saving at the end of the day is exponential in comparison, to appointing Legal Professionals, Court Costs, repair costs, discomfort, inconvenience and many more factors that are experienced afterwards. Spend small money now, to save large monies later.


The biggest benefit of a Property Inspection, is peace of mind on all parties sides. Knowing that you are entering into an agreement with another person, and there are no 'hidden' secrets, just makes for easy conclusion of the transaction.




A wide variety of inspections on any property that you own, wish to own or rent, or wish to let or sell, can be done. We focus on, from vacant land, through Residential Property up to and including Industrial and Commercial Property. The peace of mind that we offer with our detailed inspection report, will protect you and your investment beyond believe, be it buying, selling and or letting. 


The scope of our inspections will range from pre-listing inspections right through to mould, asbestos and many more. There are numerous different inspections that we can excute on a property. All inspections will be followed up with a detailed written unbiased report. Where needed and or required, third party professionals will be acquired for their independant and expert / professional input into specific cases. Our reports are acknowledged and accredited in a Court of Law, should the necessity arise. Although we wish this not to happen, the reality is there. It is a common occurance in today's world. Our inspection's main objectives will be to protect all parties involved in property transactions, when entering into an agreement for the rental, sale or purchase of a property. 


Our detailed written report, will allow you to make an informed and wise decision on the property that you are interested in. The minimal rand value of the inspection and report far outways the potential additional expenditure that can occur, once occupation of the property has taken place and problems of a severe nature arise. 


We are supported by a National Franchise who have many years of experience in the Property Inspection Industry. With continuous ongoing International and Local training, we are able to present you with the latest technology supported reports and information.


Our duties  and responsibilities lie with either the Property Owner, or the person or body who has appointed us to do the inspection. We are totally unbiased, and work at the highest standard of expertise. Our dealings are based on our extremely high Ethical Standards which is guided and controlled by our Ethical Code which we have to adhere to at all times, as laid down by InterNACHI®


Our home inspection service includes:


  • Protection from unscrupulous sellers and unethical practices
  • An unbiased opinion on the condition of the property
  • Maintaining ethical and technical standards
  • Photographic and written report
  • Peace of mind




President Cyril Ramaphosa has already signed off the Property Practitioners Act, Act 22 of 2019, and the Gazetting of the Act, should be taking place during the course of 2021.


This is fantastic news for you the consumer / seller / landlord. This Act will potentially protect the consumer / seller / landlord against future potential claims arising out of the sale / purchase / rental of the property, due to the fact that our written inspection report will disclose potential problems in the property to the consumer / seller / landlord, who can then make an informed decision as to the next step(s) to take. This Act will also compel seller(s) / landlord(s) and or their representative(s) to disclose all defaults that accompany the property. This Act will also enforce the seller(s) / landlord(s) to have an official Home Inspection Report, which would have to accompany all other required clearance certificate(s) and documents in either the sale and or rental of a property.


The Act's main focus is:


1. To control and regulate more stringently, person(s) who represent, sell or rent out any property.


2. To control and regulate more stringently, person(s) who are selling and or renting out property(s) and the overall condition of such property.


3. To protect the consumer/buyer from scrupulous underhand dealings or false declarations as to the quality, condition of such property, viability of such property and problem(s) associated with such property. 




If you need an inspection done on a property, please feel free to contact us below, or contact Lenn on 061-587-2764

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