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"Ideas are born from desires and needs!" From early man to modern day man, the desire to have your own 'home' or 'castel' is an internal desire embedded in one's soul. Today, with the wide range of products available, and with modern technology starting to manifest itself in our homes, the need to upgrade, improve or build new is growing ever stronger. Covid-19 has also seriously impacted our way of life going forward. While we have spent many hours and days at home during lockdown, we have found flaws and deficiencies in our homes. Many of us now have to work from home as well. But how to resolve this issue is not always easy!


Home Design Emporium's involvement: It is our job to take your ideas, desires and needs, analyze them, study them, dissect them and find a solution to your Dream Ideas that work for you. At this stage we present you with proposed 3D rendered drawings, showing you almost perfect photo realistic 'pictures', of what your proposed finished project is going to look like. No more looking at a flat sheet of paper and trying to work out a picture in your mind.

The Architectural Plan Stage. Once your Dream Ideas have been formulated, and the 3D drawings are approved, we then proceed by taking the 3D renderings and putting them into a practical scenario. The next step is to place all this information onto paper. What do we mean by this. Plans need to be drawn up, referred to as 'Working Drawings', by a qualified person and or body. Upon approval from yourselves on the final drawings, these plans are then submitted to the Local Building Inspectorate Authority for plan approval, so as to commence with construction.


Home Design Emporium's involvement: Here we are able to assist with generating the actual Architectural Plans, or we can assist and guide you to Architectural Practice(s) that can assist you further. See our 'Package Prices' on offer.

This is the most serious part of this whole process. This is where most home owners go wrong! Appointing a contractor / builder to do your proposed project, needs a lot of howework. There are legal documents involved. There are controlling bodies / organizations involved. There are financial institutions involved. There are referrals involved. There are references involved. Here you need to take your time before finalizing anything. Rather delay your project and do your homework properly, and end up having a dream experience during construction and completion, or rush into the project, and end up having a nightmare of a time! This is the most expensive part of your Investment/Dream Idea, so get it right!


Home Design Emporium's involvement: Here we can guide and assist you on a consultancy basis. See our 'Package Prices' on offer.

Now comes the fun part! Colour is most probably one of the biggest influencers on the human mind and psyche. It also creates the ambiance and effects in a room or space. Going to shop for paint, furniture, accessories and other decorative items for your project, is great fun. Choosing that perfect piece of accessory or furniture piece to fit into your new space, can give you goose bumps! Although Home Design Emporium's original 3D Rendering presentations proposes colour schemes, furniture pieces and decor, this in reality can and will change, as you stand in the actual project. That is the beauty of what you are creating. Your own dream!


Home Design Emporium's involvement: Here we can guide and assist you on a consultancy basis. See our 'Packages Prices' on offer

The Completed Project! It is Party and Celebration time! Your moment has arrived where you can stand back and boast about your project or purchase. It is your time to be proud of realising your dream! It is your time to realise that investing in a Home Inspection, through a Certified Home Inspector, has been an extremely wise decision. It is your time to Show Off your hard work to your friends and family. And it is your time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


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Home Inspection Services! With Consumer Protection and Consumer Rights being the new 'Buzz Words' doing the rounds in South African, so the Property Market has also received its Law(s) to guide, control and protect the Property Owner. It has become crucial for persons who wish to sell, buy or rent a property, to now ensure that they are getting what they are paying for, or wishing to sell without the repercusions that could arise in the future. Do not hesitate to appoint a Certified Property Inspector to inspect the property you are involved in, or going to be involved in. The fees for such an inspection, are far less than the repair costs that could eminate at the end of the day. Be Wise! Inspect what you are selling, buying or renting and eliminate the potential hidden costs or litigations that could arise in the future.


Home Design Emporium's involvement: We have opened a new Division, headed up by Lenn Victor, who is a registered Certified Professional Inspector with InterNACHI, which is an Internationally based Certified Institution for Home and Property Inspectors. You are therefore guaranteed an unbiased, detailed written inspection report, which is backed by the National Franchise, Home Inspection Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd.